Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I {Heart} Dimensional Magic

My first Mother's Day, my husband gave me the quintessential Mother's present: a locket.  Two weeks later, my son yanked my necklace off and the bail came off.  I took it to a jewelry repair shop but they refused to work on it in case it was destroyed in the process.

I've kept my locket in my jewelry box all these years, always hoping for a way to repair it myself.  I bought some Dimensional Magic a while back for another jewelry project, and I've been thinking long and hard about how to use it to make a bail stick to the heart.  My first attempt failed miserably and I was very glad that Dimensional Magic can be removed with warm water. 

So, I was down to my last resort: I had another heart pendant that had a flat back, and I hoped to "marry" the two back-to-back and let them "share" a bail.  I used a light coat of D.M. to smush them together, and after an hour, I applied a light second coat around the edges.  And now...SUCCESS!!

Side view with locket on the bottom  
The back
Hanging Once Again!!
And James really wanted me to show off the pictures inside: his first Halloween as Yoda, and this past Halloween as a cowboy:

Do you know, I never even got to put pictures in it before today?  I'm so very happy!
Today is another milestone as well.  We're meeting James's teacher this afternoon at Open House, and tomorrow is the first day of Kindergarten!  If I'm a sobbing mess after dropping him off, at least I'll have my locket to hold onto.
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