Sunday, September 4, 2011

HEADLINE: Pom-Poms NOT So Evil After All!

Spotted around our house this week:
Fluffy Happiness!!
My Love Bug from Build-A-Bear is guarding the pom-pom pile

I figured out how to make pom-poms!  Some tips for anyone else who is similarly pom-pom challenged:
1. Tissue comes in a package of 9-10 pieces.  Plan on ONE pom per package.
2. You can make smaller ones, I actually made some cute little tiny ones, but don't try your first time.  The pink pom in the first picture is one of these tiny versions.
3. They look much, much better if you trim the edges before you start fluffing.  Round or pointy is fine, just not plain.
4.  If you finish it, and it looks horrible, don't give up!  I have one that I folded and cut one direction, hated it, re-folded and re-cut it and then went back to the first version.  It ended up working out just fine!
5.  When fluffing, you can always go back to that first layer, and it helps if you can slide your fingers down into the folds.
6. Quality counts!  I paid $1 per package for both kinds, but one brand was of much better quality.  I just can't remember which store it came from, lol.  I know for sure that the 35-sheet packs from the Dollar Tree are not good for this project, the tissue is just way too thin and won't hold any shape at all.

I'm looking forward to having a couple of these on the Christmas tree!

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