Thursday, March 15, 2012

Book Review: Darkness Becomes Her

I was very skeptical about this book.  I've had just about enough teen vampires, werewolves, ghosts, demons and angels.  The best stories are easily overlooked in this crowded post-Twilight world of young adult paranormal fiction.

Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton is an excellent story, and I highly recommend this book to other fans of this genre, and even to younger teens, as there's no sex, drugs, or even "bad" language--the story is good enough on its own without having to rely on such things.  The world is easily imagined: after 2 disastrous hurricanes decimating New Orleans, the US government agrees to sell this tiny bit of land to the Novem, a group made of 9 powerful families that have made their home in the area for centuries. 

It’s common knowledge that "New 2" is home to the "freaks" of the world--and this is another reason I think this is a great story for younger readers.  After all, every one of us felt like a freak (or geek, lol) at some point in our teenage years, so having a place to go and "be yourself" is appealing.  In this story though, it means out-of-the-ordinary people, such as...well, think of X-Men’s young mutants, lol.

The friendships that Ari makes in New 2 are rather instantaneous, and this is the only part of the story I found a little too convenient. But I imagine that the author or the editors wanted the whole "getting to know you" part out of the way in favor of the more exciting parts of the story. 

I won't tell you who, what or how the story revolves around, because it surprised me :)  I will, however, relate the last line of the story at the end of this review--it's truly one of the best last lines and it gives nothing away!  There is another book coming out just published called “A Beautiful Evil,” and I'll probably end up buying it since I'm #38 on the wishlist for it on
My rating is a full 5 stars!

Last Line:
"And it was then that I knew, one way or another, no matter how long it took, I'd have my revenge."
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