Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paint Resist, Perfection and Inspiration From the Internet

I can be a perfectionist, and more than a little obsessive at times.
I have subjects I get "stuck" on, I think everyone does. I've been staring at our J and D paint resist canvases, and the drive for perfection won out over the desire to "Let It Be.". While my son slept, I stayed up a little late and used a slightly different shade of paint to get crisp lines. I also painted the foamboard I mounted the canvases on, then luckily realized before I glued them that a little something more was needed. I added some white to the edges--just enough to separate the canvas from the mat.

Here it is on the wall but this is shot from an angle so it looks wonky.

I found this amazing site called Daisy Yellow that has about 1,ooo ideas and even a free "Journalism 101" course. In fact, I think that's how I found it, a Pin on Pinterest for the course.
Thoroughly inspired, I created a TON of stuff this weekend--And the painting didn't end there. I've discovered a new level of "arty-ness" with my little $3 Crayola 16-pan set, my pearl pan set and my Neocolor II's. I have not been excited to use any of those three, simply for lack of knowledge. Amazing how a little bit of instruction now has me loving watercolors!
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.....

I also finished my first "real" collage-style art piece, then promptly messed it up with glitter. Look for another post for it. :)

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