Thursday, April 5, 2012

3s and Wishing

I'm a believer in 3s.  If I hear the same/extremely similar advice from 3 sources, or 3 unique ways, I take it as gospel--God's Words to my ears.  Within the last 2 or 3 days, I've heard that it's time for me to make some wishes.  Ironically, wishes in folk tales come in 3s too... 

I admit--I feel rather abandoned and lost, and it's been a LONG time since I've wished for anything.  If I happen to have something good pop up, I'm cautiously thankful--I don't think I'm worth it, so someone else might too, and take the good thing away.  But then....   Just when I lose faith, God reminds me I am in His hands and if I let Him lead, we'll go the right way.

So I'm going to make some wishes.  My first has been revealed to me already, lol.  I first faced it using a guided meditation from Jamie Ridler Studios.  I was led to her website just this morning, from Linda at Everyday Endeavours.  (She mentioned a Moon Board, and that sounded intriguing!  Plus she's participating in Daisy Yellow's Creativity Queue Challenge, which I've noticed but did not join in.)  Linda's link took me to an information page on Jamie Ridler's site, and if you sign-up for her newsletter, you receive a wonderful audio-guided mediation and Journaling pages.  They're worth it!

As I was working last night, I managed to ruin the first 5 or 6 pages of printed art journal stuff, so I've been trying to gather those same pages back together to reprint.  (Don't ask--my files are so out-of-control it's ridiculous!)  I found the first free "Journaling Deep" worksheet from Journal Girl, and so I read it over and a particular question jumped out at me, since it fit exactly with what I'd been led to wish for!  And I've had that lesson since July 28, 2011.

I yield!!  My first wish is to learn this lesson:

Its not about the supplies—its how you use them!

I spend way too much time online shopping for art supplies.  I mean hours, HOURS, spent putting stuff into the shopping cart, taking it out, comparing prices, weighing spending an extra amount here or less over there.  And all for nothing--we're rather "living on the edge" as it is, so the entire exercise is Complete Self-Torture.  Complete. Self. Torture.  The last thing my soul needs reminding of, day after day after day, is that even if I happen upon the Magic Combination in the shopping cart, I'm still not going to be buying anything.

There's a wish prompt each week, and this one is:
What do you wish to experience? 

Being aware that my needs have been met, that I have the supplies I need to continue Art Journal therapy.  I'm going to wish for this lesson to change me, to help my soul be...soulful.

And two more wishes to go....  Wonder what they'll be?  I'm linking up to Wishcasting Wednesday here; join me in a blog hop to help others' wishes come true!

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Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Welcome to the wishcasting circle Kimmy!
As Kimmy wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.