Saturday, April 20, 2013

I want to remember...

I'm taking a video class on Journaling techniques from Ali Edwards through  One of the methods she mentioned is using a repetitive theme such as "I love..." or "I'm thankful for...."  The third example is very inspiring to me, and I'm planning on using it often.  "I want to remember..." is pretty much my entire motivation for doing Project Life, and especially this year, the first one in our small town, the first one as a single parent in a divorce situation.  A year of firsts, actually!

Sometimes it's easier for me to type notes than to hand-write them for our PL album layouts.  So I'm going to use a repetitive phrase often, and keep a track of it here on my blog.  In this way, I hope to personalize and capture our lives without sacrificing materials or having to keep up with journal cards.  So, the next post will begin my official list of moments I want to remember forever
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