Thursday, January 26, 2012

Disappointed In Mommy--With An Update!

My 5-year-old son loves rainbows.  He's always asking me what order the colors go in, and I say "Roy G. Biv."  I bet you do too.  :)  This is one of those you learn in school that you couldn't forget if you tried.  Just in case, though, the order of the colors is:
and by taking the first letter of each color, you get "Roy G. Biv." 

So I've been working on creating yet another art journal.  I started to say that I have no idea why I'm doing this when I have one huge art journal that is swelling at the binding but holding tight for now, a separate "Rage" journal, and 2 others that didn't work out.  But I do know why I'm doing this:
It is my goal for this year.  So, I'm down-sizing my library of books.  I started the project a couple of weeks ago, and I'm still at it.  The easiest place for me to start was my children's books section.  While James is an avid reader, there are quite a few books that we he has no interest in, and some books I've had for a really long time that are just "too nice." We've never read them, and there are people who want them, so out the door they go.

I found this Peter Pan book, and the illustrations inside are just beautiful.  There's one of mermaids that is so amazing it inspires a color scheme for an entire room!  The problem is that I find Peter Pan to be a little creepy.  Ironic, right, that I love Twilight so much and yet a children's book about a boy who can fly showing up in my kid's bedroom freaks me out.  LOL

So I picked a random page and began to create art.  And it promptly rubbed off the super-shiny page.  Markers, gel pens, even pencils were no match for the shiny cream-colored pages.  Gesso was a good idea, but I don't have any of that.  I do, however, have a lot of craft paints which will dry to a matte finish that has the perfect "teeth" for other mediums.  So I began to simply start at the beginning and paint my way through the book: backgrounds for now, and if I'm inspired to do more, it's all good.
Super-Shiny Cream vs. Blue Paint
I showed James the first several pages, and he asked if he could paint a few.  It was bedtime, so instead I let him decide what the first picture in the book should be: he chose a rainbow.
This was his reaction: I'm apparently NOT a good rainbow-maker.  Even with Roy G. Biv, I failed.  I'm still clueless why exactly, but as I finished he said "Mo-om!" in this tone of "Lord give me the strength to deal with this woman" and I looked up in time to see the disgusted shaking of his head.
As I go to bed tonight, I am a sad Mommy, not to mention being a very criticized "artist."


In spite of seeing this "official" and "scientific" rainbow, James says a rainbow has both pink and purple in it.  So I was indeed wrong: the colors go in order from left to right, which makes good old Roy G. Biv make even more sense.
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