Monday, June 27, 2011

Almost Tuesday Already?

The past 2 days have absolutely flown by me!  But the 10 Tasks in 10 Days list is getting whittled on down....

1. Clean up my craft room and make it safe to become James's summer bedroom. Well, I'm still working on this.  I have crafts I want to do, crafts I might want to do, and crafts I'm not interested in at all right now.  This makes it hard to organize, but I'm trying.  It still looks like a tornado has been through there though.
2. Get a dresser downstairs for our clothes.  This has been discussed, but remains unfinished.
3. Organize my books.  Hmmmm, maybe this was a stretch.  I'm actually a full-on Bibliophile, and my "library" was completely organized.  But for the last 2 months, my books have been in boxes and I miss them.  This will take at least one full do-nothing-but-this day to complete.  Those are rare, so I may have to amend this task.  But that's ok!
4. Organize and clean up the playroom.  Get more seating in there (the rocker from James's room or Tifney's furniture from the garage.)  This is 90% completed, I just have to ask my husband to carry the rocker down here for me.  This room is organized, but still has very ugly walls.  I'm working on that though.
5. Set up the TV, Blu-ray and the Wii in the playroom.  Done!  But, true confession, this was mostly a "honey-do" situation, but I helped.
6. Try ONE new recipe.  I haven't even thought to look for a new recipe! 
7. Organize all my craft supplies.  OK, I just realized that my #1 has the information update for this task.  Anyway, this is incomplete.
8. Organize our bedroom.  Nope.  Not even close.
9. Laundry.  Then some laundry.  Then some more laundry.  Does anyone's laundry ever get caught up?  Where did we get all these clothes?  It's unreal!
10. Get the "technology" picked up and out of the way.  Again, this has been discussed, but remains right where it's been for longer than I care to think about.

So, overall, I'm ok with where I'm at!
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Renegades said...

Yeah for you crossing items off your list!