Friday, June 24, 2011

Ten Tasks in Ten Days

I want to participate in Sit, Relax and Read's challenge, so this is where I'll make my list.

1. Clean up my craft room and make it safe to become James's summer bedroom.
2. Get a dresser downstairs for our clothes.
3. Organize my books.
4. Organize and clean up the playroom.  Get more seating in there (the rocker from James's room or Tifney's furniture from the garage.)
5. Set up the TV, Blu-ray and the Wii in the playroom.
6. Try ONE new recipe.
7. Organize all my craft supplies.
8. Organize our bedroom.
9. Laundry.  Then some laundry.  Then some more laundry.
10. Get the "technology" picked up and out of the way.

Today, I'm working on the laundry.
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Cha Cha said...

Your #5 scares me I am technically challenged! Love you list and hope you can get then all marked off.

Have fun working this week,
Cha Cha

Renegades said...

Great job on getting started on your list. I have started on mine too. I have taped off the bathroom and started painting it. Maybe by tonight I'll be able to check it off.

I feel for you suffering from depression I have for two years and it is a hard road to go down. May you find the right support and team to help you on yours.