Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Groundhog Day!

I've always loved Groundhog Day.  I think it's a fun and silly tradition that shows we do have a sense of humor as a country.  :) 

We own both the "baby" groundhog and the regular one ("Chuck") from Build-A-Bear.  It is the softest BAB I've ever had.  James and I tend to fight over who gets to hug Chuck all night.  Most of the time he hangs out with our other stuffed animals, but I've brought him out to have James judge Chuck's behavior.  I believe it's going to be an early spring though--we haven't had much "winter" so either we'll have snow in April, or record highs in March.

Turns out that James seemed to forget what the point is, lol.  He was singing a song about it on Tuesday and now has no clue--darn kids! ;P
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