Thursday, February 9, 2012

REDUCE: Mindless Web-surfing

Last year, around the end of April, I discovered Art Journaling.  It saved me, in more ways than one.  I started with my son's art supplies, and moved on to "grown-up" art supplies: I bought some of Faber-Castell's new Big Brush Markers last year from Dick Blick, and while I do enjoy them, they were a "safe" purchase, one I was comfortable with at the time.

Color Gelatos: BLUE/GREEN
As I was looking around for more info about the Big Brush Markers, I found out about the new line of "Gelatos" that were soon to be released.  These looked like fun--I've always loved crayons, and I thought it would be cool to experiment with a crayon-like medium that moves, blends, and changes texture on the page.  But EXPENSIVE!

Gel Sticks
Then, I saw these Gel Sticks on Journal Girl's website.  They bear a very close resemblance to gelatos, don't they?  It was very hard to find them, though.  I searched and searched, and I ended up buying them from Faber-Castell's CHILDREN'S art supplies section (completely different from the other supply sections; all of them can be accessed here.) I paid for them (AND shipping--I hate paying for shipping--Amazon has ruined me!) and they arrived in all their creamy goodness today.  

Sooooooo....what's the problem?  Instead of sitting here and playing with the art supplies at hand (literally--they're sitting right next to me) I've spent the last 4 hours playing around on the Internet, searching and searching for...I'm not sure what I'm searching for!

There is a time and place in my day for the Internet.  But it's not four hours of my day!  Now that I've realized what I'm doing, I'm going to try to keep my eyes on what is around me: my cat, my art supplies, my husband, and my son.  I'm extremely lucky to have these, and they deserve my time.
Reduce: wasting time on the Internet!!
A side note: I've only played World of Warcraft one day since I reactivated my account; even in this new zone, it's just not holding my interest anymore....
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