Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Glue Caps and Craft Paints: A Pinterest Success Story!

We've had a great long weekend - the "Winter Holiday," as its called by the school - and I have lots to write about and tons of photos to go through.

But I just love to post when something works for me the way it's "hacked" someplace online!! Something like this tidbit from my Pinterest craft board, from an unknown original source. (Although it's late and I'm exhausted, I might try again tomorrow):

Simply take the lid from any generic Elmer's look-a-like"school glue," wash the glue out and screw the sucker onto a 2oz craft paint bottle. Write away, my dears!
And it definitely works on Americana paints from Michael's:
and I'm willing to bet it works on the larger 8oz craft paint bottles as well, I just didn't have one close by. For me, Art Journaling just got one step easier!

I already tend to keep little bottles and jars, so I plan on keeping my "empties" and putting "real" acrylics or watercolors into them. They are so easy to carry with the right bag, but not in my current tackle-box-turned-art-kit. They fit perfectly in small gift bags, just make sure you use a reinforced one and not a paper one--paint is heavy ;P

This is also another reason for me to get to painting and use (REDUCE!) what I've got :)

Happy Mon-Wednesday everyone! (It's Wednesday already?? Ugh, holiday hangover....)
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