Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Boards Are Getting a Nip/Tuck!

Wow--my Pinterest pins are rather out-of-control lately--over 2000 before I started today.  Just by removing the pins of accidental multiples, completed projects and being realistic about what I'll really get around to doing, I'm down almost 500 pins.  Yes, five HUNDRED pins!

No wonder Pinterest goes down more often than other sites--I'm one person with less than 150 people following me.  What about the ones that have thousands?

I've added some more boards too, to make finding pins easier--like for mobiles, windchimes, bows, cork/magnet boards, etc.  I already had one for Flowers and for Book Page crafts, and doing this has helped me until now.

I'm happier with my new, lean pin boards!  Now, on towards refilling my empty and depressed boards....  LOL

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