Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Other Recently Completed Pieces

The Hello Kitty Duck Tape Wallet
My new sister-in-law asked my to make her a duck-tape wallet using this cute Hello Kitty tape.  I said no problem, their site has directions to make all kinds of things.  Umm, no.  The site gave me instructions on how to make...a RECTANGLE!  Woo-hoo!  Now what, I thought?

So after much thought, the creation of a paper mock-up, and consultation with 3 "real" wallets, I was able to make a wallet with a cash pocket, 3 credit card slots on the left and 2 on the right.  I used red and white felt to break the pattern up, since the tape ends up going all sorts of directions, but that turned out really well because Nick, my husband's brother, is an artist and was able to draw and decorate the inside, and the result is a really cool lil thing.  That I never plan to make again...lol.

The Little Lamp
I had two of these lamps given to me, well, left in my garage for 2+ years, by my mother-in-law.  They were very Victorian, complete with fringe, but the insides of the shades were cracked all to pieces, and only one of the lamps would work.  So, I took this:
and made this:
out of an old pair of capri pants.  I did not know ahead of time that the flowers and such would GLOW like they do, so I got very lucky for my first attempt at making a lampshade!

The Iron Grates and a Bulletin Board
These two iron grates are yet another part of the stash of goodies from my mom's move to the farm.  They are beautiful and were originally open-backed, but seemed to serve no other purpose, such as a photo-holder or anything like that.  My idea as soon as I saw them was to put cloth behind the scrolls and hang them on the wall.

I used my "good" turquoise and lime material and wrapped foamcore to fit within the lip of the grates in the back.  They will nicely flank either side of my bulletin board, made using....
 you guessed it: my "good" fabric!! I love how this turned out, and I believe I'll love it even more with a couple of my favorite pictures and "memory" items on it.

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