Thursday, October 6, 2011

This Past Week's Crafts

I have a stomach virus at this moment--most likely the one going around the schools right now.  I'm utterly miserable, and looking at my crafts makes me feel better.  So these are all new, and I'm attempting to include explanations and source inspiration everywhere.
 Fractured Flower
This design is based on the stencil "Fragmented Flower" created by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and The Crafter’s Workshop--however, my hand-drawn design is on a 20"x30" foamcore board, and I used my geometry tools to create the petals.  More information about Julie's great stencils can be found here.
I plan to paint each section of the flower and I might add photos or ephemera as well, art journal-style.  I call my piece "Fractured Flower" because I think Life itself can be this way: sometimes everything is perfect, and sometimes everything falls apart and cracks appear.  This is a long-term project for me.  I don't see myself finishing it before Christmas.
Homemade Mod Podge
"Homemade Mod Podge"---You've seen it, I'm sure, it's all over Pinterest right now--and it works, it really does!  I'm not happy with the half water/half white glue mix recommended because I like a thicker decoupage medium.  I do see applications where the original recipe works better though.  I recommend to shake often, not sure if it's necessary, but better safe than sorry since a brush-full of water can ruin your work.
Also, a word from the wise: if you are going to use it straight from the jar like this, always use a clean brush or a "decoupage only use" brush--I had a tiny amount of black paint left in my brush bristles after swirling it through water to rinse it, and it turned the ENTIRE jar gray and I pretty much had to start over.  But, white school glue is 50 cents at Dollar General, so all is well.  

I made my concoction in an 18oz jar, which ended up being 3/4 full, containing 3 bottles of white school glue ($1.50) and 2 and a half  bottles of water (just use the same bottles the glue was in) so it equals around 15oz.  Brand name decoupage medium at this size costs at least $7.99, if not more.

I may get adventurous one day and attempt a colored version, as well as some with (high quality) glitter just to see the results.

Scrap-style Framed Vacation Photo
My son and I went on a 2-day vacation at the very beginning of this year.  It was a HUGE deal for me, I'd been suffering from agoraphobia for a long time and was uneasy about being out and about.  I'm enormously proud of myself for making the trip all on our own, and this picture of us on the train is a true treasure for me.  I FINALLY got around to framing it, and decided to do it scrapbook-style.  Ric-rac sparkly white ribbon makes the snowflake on the top right corner, and the red heart I cut out of an old purse.

Framed Fingerpainting
My son made this finger-painting back in 2007.  Along with 3 others, it has hung on our refrigerator ever since, because I wanted to frame them but never seemed to get around to it.  Part of the pile of goodies from my mother's new farm was this great frame, the perfect size for my favorite among the 4 painting.  I painted it Metallic Blue Topaz and it looks awesome :)  
Another thing I learned about Metallic paint: it highlights every single flaw, so I will never, NEV-ER use it on furniture!

Ugh, more to come........  I hate having a stomach.
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