Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thyme for Courage

Wow...just wow!!  I've been thinking and thinking of what to name this blog.  I brainstormed on paper, wrote down all kinds of words.  I read some inspirational books and even poems from my favorite Rumi book (plus, it was handy, a lot of my books are in storage bins right now....) 

Rumi's advice, by the way, was:
When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you.
When actions come from another section, the feeling disappears.

Speak the clearest truth you know, and let the dis-ease heal.  
(And here I thought dis-ease was a phrase made up by all the self-help hippie gurus, lol.)

And my favorite:
Love is a river.  Drink from it.
which may end up being my new motto.  But no blog titles jumped out.

I knew I wanted something to do with courage, since that's something I feel I lack, and this blog and my art journal group both are helping me feel courageous again.  Plus it's part of the Authenticity pledge from Brene Brown:

And all this time, the answer was already on my Pinterest page:
"love the words" is all my pin said

The image is from here: The Urban Farmhouse Shoppe
"Herb Crates
This is a wonderful set of herb crates as seen on Layla's blog.  I love these.  These are distressed and no 2 sets are alike.  They do contain wear marks and markings to make them looked aged.  Hurry, these sell out fast in the shop and online!!"
They're having a sale right now--go check their site out!

I did a web search to check for any other blogs with the same or similar names, and found this article called "Eat This!"
Since ancient times, thyme has been associated with courage and has been used as a natural antidepressant.   
The Scottish highlanders drank wild thyme tea to muster courage and to ward off nightmares.  
Thyme was sacred to the Druids, who used it to treat depression and ward off negativity.  The passage ends like this: The next time you're feeling depressed or need that extra courage and energy to face the day, try smelling a bit of thyme.

Could there be a better title for my blog?  "The Intersection of Crafts and Recovery" sounds more like a subtitle.  "An Insomniac Who Worries Constantly" isn't good either, lol.  "Crafts and Therapeutic Writing" sounds more like a schedule at a Recovery Hospital.  "Kimmy's Ramblings" doesn't tell anyone anything helpful....

I even searched with my name and found so many Kim Davises that I got really creeped out.  I also read an article a few months ago about craft blogs that carelessly toss around words that have negative meanings ("crafty" has synonyms of cagey and devious, for example.)  So, taking all that into consideration....

Thyme For Courage sounds pretty freaking awesome to me.  :)
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